My name is Alina Shevchenko and I’m an abstract artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In my recent work I focus primarily on abstract paintings. My paintings are visual interpretations of my experiences, my mood and feelings layered on top of each other though various paint layers.

Love for travel and nature is an endless source of inspiration for my artistic practice. Currently I’m developing a visual language that incorporates my travel experiences and everyday life into colorful abstract artworks. This process is very intuitive, and each mark that I make dictates the direction of a painting.

My imagination also plays a key role in the development and creation of my paintings, and helps me to translate the intangible emotions of my inner world onto a canvas. During my artistic work I often take advantage of random discoveries and mistakes, and turn them in my favor, since often they result in surprising and visually pleasing results. This creates both renewal and breeding ground for the new ideas in my artistic practice.